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Sprawling Campus with ever-green Orchard and Gardens, Hostels with 52 Self-Contained Rooms, Chapels conducive to Prayer and Contemplation, Meditation Halls and Class Rooms, Audiovisual Rooms, Libraries and Reading Rooms, Refectory and Kitchen, well furnished Administrative Offices, and a Team of experienced and Dedicated Staff and Resource Persons with a sense of deep team spirit, and other necessary facilities for holistic integration.


When rooms are available individuals or groups can have days of recollection, renewal, retreat, etc. with their own directors at
Atmadarshan. Registration for the same has to be done in advance with the Administrator.
1.       Non-refundable registration fee:       Rs.  200/- per course/retreat
2.       Board and lodging:                                   Rs.  200/- per person per day
3.       Use of facilities                                           Rs.   50/-per person per day

If the director is an Atmadarshan Staff, the normal payment will be required:

1. Non-refundable registration fee: Rs. 200/- per program,
2. Course fee: Rs. 100/- per person per day , and 3. Board and lodging: Rs: 200/- per person per day.
(The above rates are subject to change depending on the cost of living index.)

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