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About Us

Atmadarshan started functioning in the sprawling eco-friendly campus of XTTI (present St. Xavier’s College), Patna, Bihar, India, in the year 1991. It was the fulfillment of the long cherished dream of the then Provincial of Patna, Fr. Mathew Chemplany, to cater to the needs of religious, priests and laity of North India for their growth in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual heath. Fr. Abraham Puthumana was appointed Drector of the Institution and together with Fr. Jose Kalapura, SJ and Fr. Alfred Poovatil, SJ Fr.Abraham Puthumana established Atmadarshan as a Center for Spirituality and Counselling. In the year 1994 Fr. Joe Kunnumpuram, SJ after completing his Masters in Clinical Psycholgy from Ateneo de Manila University joined the Jesuit Staff of Atmadarshan. After his arrival a new and creative method of Holistic Integration Therapy called AMR (Awareness Meditative Relaxation) was introduced for awareness, healing, empowerment, and spiritual growth for a new awakening. Participants from all over Bihar and various parts of India and abroad have profited from the Atmadarshan Programs. All major Programs in Atmadarshan have a workshop for awareness, healing, empowerment, and spiritual growth, leading to the good news of Jesus in a personalized and silent retreat.

Vision: Enhancing life in its fullness leading to divine union in and through Jesus Christ for a just and humane society, open to all creation.

Mission: Renewal of priests, religious, and laity through various awareness, healing, empowerment, and holistic integration  programs to proclaim the good news of Jesus for all sections of society irrespective of caste, creed, religious or cultural affiliations.

Expansion: This mission begun in Atmadarshan has spread all over Bihar, India, and also abroad both in eastern and western countries for the last twenty years. Atmadarshan Staff and Resource Persons have conducted many Holistic Integration Programs and Retreats in different countries like the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malayasia, Srilanka, Myanmar, Kenya, Europe, and the United States of America.

Spirit: Cooperation and team work among the Atmadarshan Staff , Resource Persons and the Participants are highly stressed and appreciated in all Atmadarshan Programs. Men and women easily work together in a spirit of equal partnership for a just and humane society. Our attempt is to establish a Community of Love respective of gender, caste and creed, religious or cultural affiliations.

Pioneers: In this growth story of Atmadarshan Fr. Mathew Chemplany, Fr. Zach Varickamakil, SJ, Br. Jimmy Mario, Fr. Abraham Putumana, Fr. Jose Kalapura, Fr. Alfred Poovatil, Fr. Joe Kunnumpuram, Fr. Joe Kenecht, Fr Dominic Muthedath, Fr. Mathew Povakot, Fr. Edward Mendonza, Br. Francis Thattapambil, Fr. Tony Mattapally, SJ, Fr. Joe Parakatt, Fr. Joe Kootinal, Fr. Robert Schmidt, Fr. Pius Thekemury, Fr. Albert Tirkey, Br. Mathew Pampackal, Fr. William D’Souza, Fr. Thomass Karthanam and more than thirty Associate Resource Persons, both men and women, have contributed much to the progress and development of Atmadarshan.