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Fr. Mathew Chemplany, SJ and Team

Dates: 5 pm November 10 to 5 pm December 20

This Program is meant for finally professed Sisters in active ministry. In a peaceful atmosphere of relaxation the participants will be guided through themes in awareness, prayer, meditation, empowerment, psycho-spiritual integration, eco-spirituality, and women’s journey to wholeness. Personality Inventories like MBTI, Enneagram, and other relevant materials will be used for personal growth sessions. Growth in emotional and spiritual maturity together with human relatedness, communication and leadership skills will be a part of the course. Use of the Word of God for healing, and spiritual growth will be emphasized.  The Program will end with a six-day retreat.

(Registration and Course Fee: Rs. 5000.00)

(Board and Lodging: Rs. 11000.00 )

(Total Cost = Rs. 16000.00)                                                                               (24 seats)