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Fr. Joe Kunnumpuram, SJ and Suchita, OSU

Dates: 5 pm September 02 to 5 pm September 12

Holistic Integration Retreat is designed to bring about integral human liberation. In this process the rich resources of the conscious self, the unconscious self, and the deeper self are activated to bring about healing of negative emotions, thoughts and images, and empowerment in the Holy Spirit. The methodology consists of a unified spiral movement of relaxation, focusing, absorption, identification, integration, divine union, leading to true love, joy, and peace. This will help the participants to go into deep trance experiences of authentic prayer, meditation, contemplation and even true enlightenment. The whole processing will be followed by a contemplative retreat to experience the good news of Jesus for all creation.

(Registration and Course Fee: Rs. 1200.00) (Board and Lodging: Rs. 250.00 per day)
(Total Cost = Rs. 3700)                            (32 seats)