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1.ATMADARSHAN EXPERIENCE (A Five Month Diploma Course)

Atmadarshan Staff and Associate Resource Persons
Dates:    5.00 p.m. January 15 to 5.00 p.m. May 25
(Registration and Course Fee: Rs. 20,000/-, Board and Lodging: Rs: 35,000/-)
Total Cost: Rs: 55,000/-                                                          (20 Seats)


Every human person is a composite of body, heart, mind, and spirit, open to oneself, others, cosmos, and the divine. An integration of these aspects of the human person is essential to bring about peace and harmony with oneself, others, cosmos and the divine. Making use of AMR (Awareness Meditative Relaxation) the five month Atmadarshan Experience facilitates those, who are in helping ministries, in their own personal integration and provides them with skills for facilitation and animation of individuals and groups in the movement towards holistic integration.

N. B. The last date for receiving completed application for the coming year will be 30th September. Prior to the completion of admission process every candidate should attend any one of the Atmadarshan programs listed below. Only those who have completed one of the courses given below will be eligible for the Atmadarshan Experience.

1. Integral Counselling and Psychotherapy (item no. 2)

2. Understanding Oneself: Depth Awareness Retreat (item no. 4)

3. Holy Week Biblical Retreat (item no. 6)

4. Inner Healing Retreat (item no. 7)

5. Workshop on NLP (item no. 8)

6. Emmanuel Experience (item no. 9)

7. Holistic Awareness Retreat (item no.12)

8. Workshop on Holistic Health and Retreat (item no. 13)

9.  Inner Journey through Midlife and Retreat (item no. 14)

10. Holistic Integration Retreat (item no. 15)

11. Spirituality of Pastoral Ministry and Retreat (item no. 16)

12. Dhyan Sadhana (item no. 17)

13. Eight Days Retreat with Pope Francis (item no. 18)

14.Communion Community and Reconciliation (item no. 19)

15. Eight Days Ignatian Retreat Retreat (item no. 20)

16. Renewal Program for Sisters (item no. 21)

17. Integral Growth in Human Relationship and Retreat (item no. 22)

18. Advent Retreat (item no. 23)

19. Workshop on Discernment and Retreat (item no. 24)